3 Brave Steps to Becoming a Powerful New You

Can you admit to becoming bored, even frustrated with your level of comfort? I can easily feel disappointment when someone I’m working with or the people in my networking groups will not be brave! I notice when people are too uncomfortable, reluctant, or afraid to extend themselves and try something new.

I observe people constantly – both those that I know well and those that I have just met. It’s what I do because the core of my work is helping others to present themselves in a way that makes them stand out from the rest. After all, it’s a powerful way to get the success you deserve in a world where everyone is constantly vying for attention.

When was the last time you felt brave enough to:

  • Ask for something you really want
  • Step out of your normal comfort zone
  • Speak up about something you truly believe in
  • Walk onto a stage, up to a microphone, or into a corporate setting

Speaking of Up-Speak

Because so many people speak in question marks today, the practice has actually been given a name. “Up-Speak” is the term for ending every sentence with a question mark instead of a period. This rising intonation at the end of every sentence causes those listening to wonder if the speaker is “sure” of what he or she is saying. It’s a real confidence killer. And while we all engage in this style of conversation from time-to-time, if overused during an interview, speech or presentation, it speaks to a lack of self-esteem and professionalism.

Speaking up with confidence and authority is powerful in the following ways:  

  • Attracts and holds the attention of others.
  • Permits you to ask for and get what you really want.
  • Allows others to believe in your message – and have the confidence to trust in what you are saying.

Speaking of Power

Positive eye contact gives you the power to connect with others, inviting them in and communicating on a personal level that impacts and influences. This is how you make a difference. This is how you stand out from the rest. This is how you create more success in your life and in your work.

The power of an attention-getting presentation belongs to those who will be brave – and it begins with addressing your fears. It continues with using those fears to your advantage. Here’s what I mean:

One of the most common fears we all share is the fear of being judged. Since you’ll be judged no matter what you are saying or doing in this life, doesn’t it make sense to make it an engaging introduction or interesting presentation? Knowing that you’ve done a great job in reaching out to your audience results in a powerful feeling of having done your best; that you’ve succeeded in connecting with them. At this point, you’ll be prepared to let go of all expectations and judgments.

Neale Donald Walsch says it this way, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Speaking of a New You

Your job is to be the best you can be. If you’re willing to stretch your comfort zone you’ll soon experience the powerful new you who is able to enjoy:

  • Being comfortable at a higher level
  • Less tension, anxiety, and fear of judgment
  • Maintained poise and composure, without hiding or sacrificing your vitality or true personality.

You are free and powerful – because you are brave!

3 Brave Steps You Can Take Now

When fear erodes your confidence and self-esteem it’s time to:

      1. Step out of your comfort zone

      2. Step up to what it is that you know you were meant to do

      3. Step into the life you were meant to live

I’d love to help you Rock That Interview or Raise Your Keynote. If you’re ready to get the success you’ve been craving, grab your FREE copy of Animation: The Physical Expression of Your Life Force NOW to get started!

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