3 Quick Tips to Better Engage Your Audience

If you have to speak and give presentations for a living, chances are good that you’re always looking for tips on how to better engage your audience. Even if, like me, you’ve been in front of audiences for years, it never hurts to re-evaluate your ‘performances’ and see where there might be room for improvement.

3 Quick Tips to Better Engage Your Audience

Quick Tip #1: While there are many ways to make a story interesting, the most effective way to make yourself more interesting and engaging is with charisma.

Charisma can be defined as being ‘fully yourself’. People with charisma are generally:

  • Engaging
  • Charming
  • Energetic
  • Attractive
  • Vibrant

Is it any wonder that the most effective leaders, speakers and influencers are those who possess charisma? After all, who doesn’t want to hang around and hear from those who fit this definition?

While some are born with an abundance of charisma, others must learn the trait. If you don’t feel your charisma is at the level you’d like it to be, the worst thing you can do is fake it. Real charisma happens when you’re able to be real with your audience. And being real with your audience gets you real results!

Quick Tip #2: Connecting with your audience, regardless of size, requires your emotional involvement. Emotions are necessary for connecting on a variety of levels. Without an emotional connection, nothing changes (for you, or your audience). But everything changes and anything becomes possible when you cause people to feel something, to have an experience. You help your audience make important decisions about you and what you do or offer, as well as what you are saying and presenting, when you create an emotional connection.

Quick Tip #3: We all come equipped with one of the most powerful tools, yet using it to engage an audience is all too often overlooked. The human body is an amazing way to engage, steer, and even position an audience when presenting your message. To communicate with total clarity, use the entire body – all of the equipment you’ve been given.

Your body provides unlimited ways for engaging your audience and getting your message to them by:

  • Expressing through your eyes
  • Animating your face
  • Positioning your body
  • Hand gestures
  • Head nodding, shaking, turning
  • Vocal levels and tones
  • And so much more…

Every time you are willing to communicate from a deeper level than just the surface of your personality, you are giving your audience a true gift – and giving yourself the opportunity for more success when speaking, presenting and communicating.

What are some of your favorite tips for engaging an audience? The best tips are those shared from personal experience and I’d love to hear yours! If you’re still looking for better ways to engage and realize more success in your presentations, contact me and let’s communicate about how to be more effective when Presenting YOU.

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