A Balanced Presentation

I CAN IMAGINE that some of you reading this might have had this experience when presenting a product, making a sale, talking to your team or boss, or even looking for another job. It’s when your body felt out of whack or really out of balance. Something wasn’t right. It could have been that your body weight was out of balance and you tripped and lost your balance.

It could be that your mind, body and spirit weren’t aligned. You were out of focus with the moment. You had lost your intention because you were being driven by tension and the fact that everyone’s eyes were on you.

You know that “elevator speech” you give when people ask what you do for a living?

That’s a perfect example. People who are out of balance rush their name and the name of their company. Their bodies are out of balance with their minds and spirit.

I think they feel if they don’t say it fast enough they will turn to stone. What is required here is a balance between mind, body, tension and confidence.

It’s amazing to me how many people think that presentation and communication skills are just something that you have to do, mostly in an unconscious way. People just throw away their name and what they do. Nobody wants to spend the time on it.

But it represents who you are! And the company you represent.

I’m here to share the truth with you. Becoming adept at presenting and communicating is a performance art, and every business person should be trained in that art.

It’s a terrible thing to be constantly uncomfortable when you know your name is being called. When you’re out there selling, you need to be having fun. I want you to be able to wear these skills like a pair of comfortable shoes.

So, what is the Problem?

The primary problem here is that many of our lives are completely out of balance, which of course carries over to the way we communicate. How many joyful, confident, considerate, compassionate people do you meet in the day? Are you one of those people?

Being in balance requires some intrapersonal calibration. Are you reaching your audience? The size of your audience doesn’t matter; It could be anywhere from one to a thousand.

Right now I would like you to concentrate on how you really feel about how you do when you introduce yourself to a new prospect or simply introduce yourself at a meeting. Is there joy in your intro? Are you liking the fact that you are meeting new people? People who could possibly be your next client?

How to have Unshakeable Confidence

Not dealing with the fear and tension involved in presenting yourself is a terrible thing to face. How would some confidence feel? How would you like to be able to take over the room and feel that all these people are a part of your business family?

I see so many people really suffer under the weight of having to present themselves. I know how to help –it’s what I do! And I can do it for you. I’m so tired of watching people become paralyzed with fear. What’s needed is to take yourself by the neck and say – you can do this, it’s going to feel strange, sometimes yucky, but you can  change your fear to comfort!

You can learn UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE, and in turn, the success of a Balanced Presentation!

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