How to Remember and Use Names to Influence

Laurie Burton Training_Public Speaking

Most people in sales know that using a person’s name is important to building relationship. When speaking with another person, using his or her name is a powerful way to: • Acknowledge them, boost their self-esteem. • Re-direct their focus, get their attention. • Cause them to identify and associate with what you are saying. […]

How to Get That Job You’re Due, Make an Entrance and an Exit

Rightly or wrongly, so much is decided in the first few seconds of meeting someone for a job interview or presentation. This is the point where corporate and acting careers converge. You are about to make an entrance, just as we do in show business, and at the end of the meeting, you will also […]

Your Name – The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Say

How do you say your name?  Most people answer this question by saying, “I don’t know, I just say my name.” Your name is the single most important element you present in selling yourself and your product. It’s the first step in personal development. Your name is who you are.  Doesn’t it follow that you […]