Communicating in the Year of the Virus

2 people and a dog

Are we having fun yet?

Here we are, all of us, in this together. That’s the part I like the most. The part I like the
least is worrying about what is going to happen in the future. Every time my mind wants
to go there I try to replace it by remembering a blessing in my life.

It seems that the virus is showing human beings the real meaning of the word human.
Just a few synonyms: mortal, flesh and blood, fallible, weak, frail, imperfect, vulnerable,
susceptible, erring, error-prone, physical, bodily, fleshly.

Yep! That’s us! The mighty human empire has been brought to a standstill by a virus –
something that we humans cannot even see without a microscope. Is this Mother
Nature’s way of finally getting us to pay attention to how we treat each other and the
Earth? It feels like a wake-up call to all humans.

You know what I love about this quarantine? I love opening my front door and seeing
people walking down the street: Families with kids, couples of all ages looking happy
and enjoying their walk, single people, some with dogs (they’re always looking happier)
and some without (maybe not as happy). AND EVERYONE IS SO NICE! Believe it or
not – neighbors speaking and acknowledging one another. Is this the virus alternate

My happiest times are hiking the mountains with family, friends and dogs.
Standing on the top of the mountain it’s hard to believe Covid-19 is running the show.
I am the most saddened, upset, and feeling helpless when I hear the reports of the many
deaths – the overwhelm that’s going on in the hospitals and my frustration with not being
able to help.

What is it like to be living in high-rise buildings? Then what is it like for
people living in the projects? How do they keep 6 feet apart? I’m concerned about my
fellow citizens, deeply concerned, on a level that I’ve never had before. These people are
suffering and dying at the hands of an unseen killer virus and I assume most of us are
feeling very vulnerable.

This hasn’t become the blog I intended to write, but that’s OK. I just opened my heart
and mind and this all poured out. The funny thing though, we are all communicating like
we never have before and it makes my heart sing. It has become a major blessing and I hope
to goodness we all continue this way.



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