Communicating with Success Involves Your Choice to Take Action

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A week ago I wrote a short comment on my Facebook page about my choice to see the documentary “Amy,” the story of the rise to success and tragic death of the gifted singer Amy Winehouse.

The film was moving, communicating the struggles of the young performer. It was also very depressing, staying with me for several days. It took me awhile to realize why it was so disturbing to me.

Here was a young woman who says at the beginning of the film that music and singing is all she cares about. It’s what she’s meant to do and her passion was evident. Her talent is immense. So immense that it seemed almost surreal to me.

I think this overwhelming talent and her seemingly childlike need for love, thanks to her father not being there when she was young, but definitely by her side when there was money and fame involved, had stacked the deck against her for achieving any kind of independence or self-esteem.

Amy’s story is a tragic one. Her relationship with her father, and her lousy choices in men were such a huge part of her story. The enablers who introduced her to drugs, even when she was clean, brought them back into her life.

I was upset that someone so young and so talented succumbed so easily to the people and things that would eventually kill her. It felt like such a waste. And the way she died.

It took me back again to that word – CHOICE. Ah, yes, the word that governs everything we do.

Amy Winehouse made a lot of horrible choices. Why Amy made those choices I can only guess. Her lack of confidence and self-esteem are certainly at the top of the list. Amy lacked responsibility for many things in her life, but not when it came to her music.

Amy Winehouse did not play it safe. She made some great choices about her singing style, but some lousy choices about relationships. By the end of the film, her passion is devoured by the booze and drugs.

What about you? Is your passion leading you or has it been eaten up by some of the choices you’ve made?

Maybe you’re afraid to make a choice that would likely lead to change because it’s just too scary. Maybe your choice has been to just stay with the status quo and not “rock your boat.”

My work is about helping people speak, present and communicate. It’s about getting to the ‘deeper things’ that hinder your success in life and business. Often, it involves helping others to develop a mindset for overcoming past choices and making some new ones; choices that can take them where they want to be.

Are you someone who is ready to make the necessary choices for more success in your speaking, presenting and communicating?

Maybe you’re like Amy – super talented with much to share – but instead of ‘getting out there’ and using what you have, you’re hiding, keeping the real you, your real personality from being seen.

Let me ask you: Are you going to spend the rest of your life living your passion or living in fear?

Would you be willing to risk fear and rejection and come out and play with all the others who have decided to be seen and heard? Are you ready to make the choice to join the many who are communicating with great success?

Make the CHOICE to open up to opportunities. If one doesn’t work – try another. The opportunity doesn’t have to be perfect (and neither do you) for success to become a reality.

Success comes with right choices. It starts with your choice to take action.

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