Defining Vulnerability: Presenting with Powerful Expression


Brene Brown gives an impressive TED talk about the “Power of Vulnerability”. Over 2 million online viewers have benefited from Brene’s ability to present a defining message that says, “You are enough!”

During her talk, Brene challenges the viewing audience to “let yourselves be seen” and ends her time with these words… “Vulnerability is the birthplace of change, creativity, courage, and innovation.”

Every Speaker Who Desires Success Must be Willing to be Vulnerable

To be vulnerable means to be “susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm”. It’s not a very popular position to be in and the impulse to protect ourselves comes naturally; self-preservation seems reasonable. But to get the good stuff in life, you need to be open to the not-so-good stuff. There is a very real challenge in being able to see the benefits of bad experiences, but as a public speaker, being able to express what you’ve learned during painful times, openly and honestly, can be so powerful.

As any actor will tell you, one of the biggest challenges is to permit yourself to express vulnerability. In my career, it was so much easier to be tough and pretend that I was super confident. Thankfully, my acting teacher made me do vulnerability exercises – for two years – and during that time, I learned all about how to be emotionally available.

Remember Brene Brown’s definition of vulnerability? This is the place where you can discover:

  • Change
  • Innate creativity
  • Courage
  • Innovation

Make no mistake – vulnerability is a lesson worth learning because when you express your vulnerability, you begin to unlock fear that has been defining how you live your life. You’ll begin to see, hear, and feel with a different perspective. Consequently, others will begin to see you in a very different light, as well.

You’ll always experience those moments of embarrassment, self-consciousness and awkwardness that are truly uncomfortable. Don’t run from these. Instead, let them lead you to your vulnerable self, embracing a deeper, valuable level of self-awareness.

In time, you’ll begin defining yourself as:

  • Stronger
  • More confident
  • Less often offended
  • Successful at Presenting You and your message

Start Opening Your Vulnerable Side by Encouraging It

Once you’ve begun to rethink vulnerability and change how you define it, you’ll be more open to expressing your vulnerability – for more powerful presentations that bring you even more opportunities for the success you desire.

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