Expressing Emotion and Communicating with Love

Hands Expressing and Communicating Love

The world has witnessed yet another slaughter of innocent people. I’m writing this blog post on June 17th, almost a week after 49 people were murdered in Orlando, Florida and the shock and dismay over this horrible act are still with me.

How can a person be filled with so much hate, a hatred so fierce it causes them to gun down strangers, happy young people out for a night of dancing and fun?

Once again I am brought face to face with the reality of what we humans are capable of doing. So much hate and fear. It’s almost as if we thrive more on hate and fear than love!

Emotions and the Human Experience

Really, though, these emotions are part of the human experience. Having an emotion is only part of the issue; of course, it’s the easy part.  Expressing the emotion appropriately is much more challenging. It requires awareness, humility, kindness – and practice.

Have you ever tried loving your way through the day?

Consider ‘actively loving’ whatever is in front of you for just one day. See it as a contribution to your life instead of solely a burden or hurdle.

Have you ever taken stock of how much fear and hate you might be exposed to on any given day?

You may find that you desensitize yourself to hate and fear somewhat as a protection against being drawn into that black hole. It’s there, nevertheless. Judgments without consideration or awareness feed fear. Fight it with awareness. Acknowledge your feelings and vow to express yourself, appropriately.

When I came up with the idea of “Communicating with Love” for this blog, I was also thinking about loving ourselves first.

In my work, I meet many people who are so quick to judge themselves! Why don’t we love and honor ourselves first, instead? How can we truly love others if we don’t honor ourselves? Think of the airlines’ admonition to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others.

I guess the flip side of my rant would be the enormous outpouring of love that IS happening in so many cities.

It is as if we just can’t take another mass killing! People are rising up and declaring, “Enough!” in agreement that we must stop these hate filled acts of terror.

When people come together out of love so much can be accomplished. Fear and hatred collapse into a dense, black mass, possibly impenetrable without heroic effort. But, it’s worth it and maybe even absolutely necessary.

Public Speakers Have Opportunities to Make a Difference!

You can make a huge difference in your own life and in the lives of others as well.

I know of all this may sound “Pollyannaish,” but I’ve met so many people who just want to be loved. We’re so anxious to act a certain way or be perceived as this or that type when, really, all we want to be is accepted.

Most people I meet wear a protection shield to guard them against life’s stunning ride. (Plastic slipcovers for your life, anyone?) They’re not really sitting on the couch when they’re sitting on a plastic cover.

It’s as if they just don’t want to explore the different colors of life in all their vibrancy and brilliance because they know that, sometimes, the mix and blend of the many colors can turn muddy or even black.

I wore that shield for many years! I wore it to hide my vulnerability. Now I revel in my vulnerability, and I wish the same for you.  Let yourself feel life and experience your fellow humans fully; then respond, with love.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see your glass as more than half-full, especially in today’s world. But, you are an official (and important) member of the human race.

Celebrate Your Life – It’s a Gift from the Divine

Think about how YOU can enhance the life you’ve been given and then express your love of living to enhance the life of others.

 Here’s a couple of Haiku expressing a little different perspective on communicating with love.

dog lovehawk-957728_640

Dog Love                                                                                      Sky Hawk

Love is the answer                                                                                            The hawk spends his life
The human race prefers war                                                                          Silently surfing the wind
Perhaps dogs should rule                                                                               And making love to the sky


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