Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2020!

It’s another year lived on this planet.

It always feels a bit strange, bringing in the New Year. “They” love to sell us on what we can do to celebrate or honor it. “Turn over a new leaf.”

What? Lose weight or start exercising.

I’ve always thought this time of the year puts too much emphasis on success and not enough on why we might want to turn over that leaf and how to successfully meet that goal.

2020 sounds a lot more promising than 2019. Just looking at the two numbers: 2020 has a coolness about it, a softness when spoken. The numbers flow so nicely together, whereas 2019 lacked connection for me. I’m looking forward to 2020.

I know it may sound a bit crazy talking about a number this way but I think, consciously or unconsciously, we are all affected by numbers in one way or another. Just think of the importance of birthdays and anniversaries.

I think we could celebrate the beginning of a new year in more meaningful ways than drinking too much booze with our friends. Why not share our own interpretation of friendship and how we use it in our lives? Celebrate friendship along with the New Year. It’s asking friends to open up about their feelings for one another, to go deeper.

I know what you’re thinking. It sounds like a pretty serious way to celebrate when, really, you just came to eat and drink your way into the New Year. You can still do that, but how about spreading some kindness and love for each other. Obviously, while you can’t do this in a room full of strangers (actually, why not?), you can if you are celebrating with friends.

I have been celebrating the New Year with the same group of friends for the last 25 years. I would love the opportunity to go deeper into my feelings of love and admiration for each person. In fact, I will bring it up before we get together the next time to see their reactions.

As I write about this I realize I have been wanting to do this with my other friends as well. I don’t want to be caught losing someone and realizing I never shared how much I cared about the friendship between us.

New Year’s Eve has passed. The Rose Bowl and Parade are history. However, the year is still new. Resolve this year (and today) to share your love and appreciation for the people in your life.

Celebrate friendship!

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