Have You Been Speaking a Foreign Body Language?

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Can You picture this scenario? You have decided to give a little speech to your team. You are not looking forward to this. Actually, you hate speaking. But, you have decided it’s time to take on your fears. You have rehearsed your words, but not your body. So when you get up to speak, your body is caught off guard. You find yourself standing in front of your people with your hands in the fig leaf position and your feet crossed over each other.

Your tension and fear have placed your body in a terrible position. You have inadvertently (through lack of knowing the language of your body) shut down your ability to relate to your audience.

Think of all the times you have witnessed this same thing happening to others? There are consequences to not being in touch with your body:

  • You will not impact and connect with your message.
  • You will not make the sale
  • People may not be drawn to you and perhaps they won’t want to hire you.

When our bodies are in tune with our words, emotions and intentions and we are feeling confident and in charge, we are unstoppable.

When the reverse is true, we often feel ourselves losing control of the situation.

  • Being out of tune and out of touch with what we want to say
  • Missing the emotions we want to express
  • Feeling our confidence disappear

What’s left is confusion and a body once ready to present, give a speech, communicate ideas to a team or lead in other ways has become rather like a deflated balloon.

Who you are and what you say and how you say it is the primary job of your body and the language your body speaks. Do you know what language your body is speaking? No two bodies or people express themselves in the same way, thank god.

The most successful communicators have a sense of what their bodies are doing at all times. They have learned how to express themselves using their emotions and words and have established a flow, a visceral connection between a word being spoken and their body’s non-verbal response to it.

So much depends on this “package” that is you.

I encourage you to start taking note of how you express yourself. Ask for some feedback from friends you trust. Look in the mirror and practice saying words or giving a made up presentation. How is your body responding? Is the message coming through your eyes, face and body?

Your body language is one of the keys to your success. Please don’t take it for granted!

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