How to Give Your Business a Personality Workout

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There have been times when I’ve finished a workshop, only to come away feeling less than satisfied. Not so much with myself, but with how so many people seem to be happy with their status quo way of “being.” As if not expressing much personality somehow makes them feel safe and secure.

I would put this number at about half of the business community I’ve worked with. Great people in so many ways, who:

  • Are looked up to in business
  • Have made it to the top – or near the top
  • Have been “around the block” – once or twice
  • Have paid their dues – and then some
  • Work hard – may even be workaholics and proud of it

 Whose personalities are, unfortunately, totally locked in! 

Your personality is governed by how you view others, your environment, your life experiences; the obvious things, as well as things you can’t see or don’t even realize.

For those who operate without much personality, it can often be traced to a lack of trust in themselves or the people they work and associate with. Sometimes it’s also complacency. They figure that since work-life has been pretty good so far – why risk it? Why do anything that might “rock the boat?”

Now lets be clear, I’m in the business of teaching people how to expand their personalities. I help them connect with the fact that WHO they are and HOW they come off to others should be the ultimate experience for anyone they meet! My clients ARE interested in changing the “business as usual” mode and this is what sets them apart…but what about those who just don’t see the need for clarity, confidence or charisma when communicating with others?

The Benefits of a Personality Workout

Change takes time and commitment, for sure. But when you’re willing to look at all of the benefits change can provide and how your personality factors into the difference between success in your business, career and (most importantly) your life – isn’t it worth the time to work out your personality traits/issues?

I believe that there’s as much reason for giving your personality a workout as there is for physically working your body, and here’s why…

  • Personality Attracts Relationship
  • Relationship Influences, Inspires
  • Inspiration Leads to Production
  • Production Reveals Competence
  • Competence Breeds Confidence
  • Confidence Builds Success

If you’re the type of leader who has trouble connecting with others, who is less than animated and hates giving speeches, then obviously there will be some intense workouts required to build your personality, focus on its strengths and increase your influence.

Why Are So Many Leaders Content with Being One-Dimensional?

Leaders should recognize that employees are less than inspired by one-dimensional leadership, often to the point of creating a high turnover of employees. The effect  of a one-dimensional leader on the overall customer experience can sink a business – and FAST!

People in business owe it to themselves to be constantly checking in on their leadership skills, people skills and what I like to call ‘humanity” skills or soft skills.  If only business owners were as dedicated to the personality of their business as they are to the products produced, what a success story they could have!

What kind of personality would your business take on, if you gave your individual personality a workout and devoted a little more time to developing the ‘humanity’ side of what you do and how you do it? Contact me TODAY and I’ll help you see the unlimited value of a ‘personality workout’ in your business!

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