How to Inspire Others: Communicating Through Your Life Force

How to Inspire Others

My online dictionary defines life force as: The spirit or energy that animates living creatures; the soul.

My question to you is how is your life force operating these days? Do you know how to inspire others when communicating?

Everywhere I go I notice that most of the people I meet, as well as those I work with, experience a struggle to connect with the energy and the spirit of others who are truly happy and sharing that happiness through their life force.

However, I’ve observed one person in the last week who is the perfect example of what it means to inspire others, who lives in and through their life force. 

That person is Pope Francis! I have never seen another human being with such radiant charisma. His life force almost “glows” with love and caring as he reaches out to the children and the crowds.

The most inspiring part of his “being” is that it’s so simple, so real, yet charming and magnetic, filled with a quiet strength.

This is how love can look. This is how to inspire others.

Conversely, think of all the negativity we as a society are subjected to everyday. How about Donald Trump, or all the folks running for the presidency and the constant battering ram of criticism and gloom they dish out.

This Pope, this luminous man of peace, said in a speech yesterday, “God bless America.” And for the first time in years – I felt emotion for those words.

I don’t care what religion he is. And there seem to be millions more who agree and feel the same way. Many believe in him because he speaks from his heart with love.

How can you take the Pope’s message and establish it as the foundation of your life force?

This simple acting exercise might be of help. Assuming that you have observed Pope Francis in the news, under all kinds of circumstances (walking, riding, greeting the crowds or giving a speech) you can easily use this exercise to help you get a sense of him, how he is in the moment.

  1. Start with the way Pope Francis smiles. Get a sense of his smile and the intention behind it.
  2. How about his body, so calm and centered? See if you can use how he expresses his life force to ground and center your own.
  3. Lastly, Pope Francis has a wondrous innocence about him, as if he is seeing something for the very first time. Practice seeing your world in this new way.

My work is all about helping people to look anew at their life force, where it lives in them and how to bring it forth.

To begin using your life force to inspire others when communicating, take a moment to look inwardly at the joy and love in your own life. Then, decide how and when to release that during your time of communicating.

If you say you can’t find anything positive and inspiring within, then I say go out into the world and find it. There are folks out there who are just dying to share a little joy and love – who won’t mind sharing theirs with you!

Start every communication with a ‘Pope Smile’ and see the difference it can make in your message and how it’s received.

Who inspires you? And why? Share it with us in the comments below! And if you’re ready to discover other ways to start using your Life Force, join in the discussion on Facebook and be sure to check this out.


2 thoughts on “How to Inspire Others: Communicating Through Your Life Force

  1. Thank you Laurie for this wonderful piece! Yes, I too find Pope Francis inspirational and hope to learn from his loving ways. You captured his message in such a way that helps me to create a similar ‘life force’.

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