How to Realize Your Greatness with Expert Insight

Viki Winterton, founder of Expert Insights Family of Opportunity, has invited me to join her September 9th on Expert Insights – her excellent BlogTalkRadio Show. Viki brings together top visionaries and those on the rise as they share their wisdom, success secrets and the defining moments that have shaped their lives and encourages listeners to take the call to action and REALIZE YOUR GREATNESS!

I’ll be talking about how your body image affects making speeches and presentations. Since Viki has created a platform for speaking to the idea that actions speak louder than words…this is a perfect match up! I was really thrilled to find out that Viki was an attendee at one of my sessions and now I get to share with her listeners how any presentation can be more powerful with the techniques I’ve been teaching for years at Laurie Burton Training.

I know you want to succeed and I also know that there are no “secrets” when it comes to success – it’s just listening to those who have figured it out and then putting it into practice. This is what defines the successful person…they hear from others and then take action.

You can increase your confidence level for FREE by tuning into the Expert Insights BlogTalk Radio Show on Tuesday – September 9th at 4PM/EST – 1PM/PT. You can listen and learn “How Your Body Image Affects Making Speeches and Presentations”… but more importantly, you can change your life and the way you do business with these techniques, adding animation and using everything you’ve got.

You can begin to impact your life and everything you do just by spending a little time with two people who really care about your success – Viki Winterton and me! Will you join us? We’ll be waiting for you and looking forward to sharing with you!

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