How to Remember and Use Names to Influence

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Most people in sales know that using a person’s name is important to building relationship. When speaking with another person, using his or her name is a powerful way to:

• Acknowledge them, boost their self-esteem.
• Re-direct their focus, get their attention.
• Cause them to identify and associate with what you are saying.

Personalizing your message can be as easy as using the names of people in the audience.

So, how do you remember names so you can use them to your benefit as an influencer?

In an article for, Kristi Hedges shares 5 of her best tricks for remembering names. One suggestion I loved was this:

“If you meet someone named Ryan, associating him with a famous actor like Ryan Gosling can help you remember his name.”

Here are a few other important tips that may influence how you use those names you’ve worked hard to remember.

Formal or Informal

I’m sure you’re aware of the differences in the way you use a person’s name.

For instance, to show their child that they mean business, a parent will often choose the formal ‘Thomas’ over the informal ‘Tom’ or ‘Tommy’ that they would normally use to address the child.

And a parent is really exercising authority when they use the child’s entire given name – first, middle, and last!

On the other hand, being too informal with a name can convey the wrong message at the wrong time. ‘Tommy’ may feel completely disrespected by the informal use of his name as the CEO of the organization hosting you as its Keynote speaker. In the corporate setting, he may be affectionately known as ‘Thomas’ and prefer you use this whenever you say his name.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the person’s name. Not only does it give them the opportunity to offer the name they prefer, but they’ll appreciate you showing an interest in them.

First and Lasting Impressions

Your name is the single most important element you present in selling yourself and your product. It’s often the first step in building a relationship, and it’s also the first step in personal development.

Your name is who you are!

Likewise, the names of the individuals that you are trying to influence matter. Names are powerful tools when seeking to make a positive FIRST impression – as well as a LASTING one.

• Learn names.
• Respect the power of names.
• Practice remembering names.

And don’t forget to watch how a person reacts when you use their name. How do they respond? Does it make them smile or do they look uncomfortable? The reaction may be subtle, but it can help you to determine how to use a name more effectively.

Saying your name with confidence will cause others to ‘feel’ and ‘experience’ your presence almost immediately. Saying others’ names with confidence will help them to remember YOU, as well. It’s a sure way to establish influence – the ultimate goal when speaking and presenting your message to audiences of any size.

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