It’s Show Time!

You are a sales manager about to address your team… it’s Show Time!

You are a grocery clerk and your next customer in line approaches the checkout… it’s Show Time!

You are a product demonstrator in a retail store offering samples… it’s Show Time!

You are a telephone representative or salesperson answering the next call… it’s Show Time!

You are a product designer about to show company executives your latest… it’s Show Time!

You are the CEO of a publicly-held company about to speak to shareholders… it’s Show Time!

Understand?  Is it becoming clear?  EVERYone who interacts with ANYone in a professional capacity, no matter how high (or low) the position, is about to PERFORM.  

It’s Show Time!

If you take this moment lightly, or approach it carelessly or unprepared, you cannot deliver your best performance and you will let your company down, you will let your customer down and you will let yourself down.

Don’t do it.  Learn to deliver your very best performance every time you interact with someone.  

Does it sound like hard work?  It is. Does it seem you won’t be able to do it every time?  You may not. Do you worry that you can’t do it? You can.

But HOW?

  1. Know your material, your product, your message or your speech.  Be sure you understand how it works, what the benefits are, how the features are useful or unique, what purpose it serves, what problems it solves.  Learn also what objections people might raise and how to address them.

  2. Know your body, your instrument.  Are you in perfect physical condition?  If not, you can work on that but, in the meantime, make friends with yourself.  Acknowledge your limitations (privately), make what improvements you can in the moment (haircut, new scarf, whatever), then carry yourself with pride and dignity.  Express yourself with passion, energy and animation.

  3. Remember who you are doing this for.  Yes, you’re doing it for your company, for your family, to earn a living.  But always remember the focus should be on the customer’s needs, not yours.  Listen carefully and respond with genuineness and authenticity. Come from a place of service and generosity and you will be way ahead of most salespeople.

Yes, it’s hard work, but it gets easier.  Your progress will begin to accelerate and even what seems like a plateau will begin to appear as a step up to the next level of success.



Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


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