Life is a Performance


For years I have been telling my clients that, “Life is a Performance! You have been cast in the starring role that you are now playing.” Actually, Roman philosopher Seneca the Younger said it in the first century AD:  “Life is a play.  It’s not its length but its performance that counts.”


Life Is But A Performance

You put on a performance on this stage called life.

And your fellow cast mates?

Well, they’re your friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances.

Face it, life is like a performance,

and you are just one of the actors.

Play your part well.


When I came across this Kimonako piece I was reminded of the timelessness of that view. It reinforced my belief that I see people as actors in their lives, regular folks charged with communicating who they are in a dynamic, lively performance, comfortable on any stage on which they find themselves in life.

How Would you Characterize Your Performance?

Whether your life role is playing a lawyer, investor, hair stylist, insurance broker, plumber, dietitian, or politician, this is the life role you have chosen to play. You have become the lead actor in the play/movie/TV show that is your life.

It’s now up to you to deliver a meaningful performance – live, no matter the time or place.

In order to expand your performance comfort zone you need to develop ease, grace and confidence about what you have to offer the world. Confidence and self-esteem are at the core of your performance skills. Once you are comfortable in your own skin it’s time to take your performance on the road. And, you must have accepted the fact that you are going to be judged. We are constantly being judged. It would be a friendlier world if we all would love/like more and judge less. Whether it’s fair or not, we cannot do much about it but accept it and strive to improve on our own terms.

Evaluate your Performance Skills

In order to become the star performer in your life you need to look at your performance skills.

Are you comfortable being the center of attention? This is a must when performing. When you’re giving that sales pitch “it’s show-time!” You are filled with energy, you’re relaxed, (some tension is fine) you’re enthusiastic and ready to engage.

If tension is in charge, you are in trouble. Your un-managed tension will wreak havoc.  Your performance will lack spontaneity. You might rush and fail to make eye contact. If you’re out on a job interview, this is the perfect way to lose it.

Please remember when I talk about performance skills I’m talking about the quality and level of energy which is at the core of your passion and expressing it with animation. What about expressing the emotions in the words you speak and animating your face and body to communicate the meaning of the words? These skills must find a home in your personality. They will become part of your natural way of doing things. They are designed to intensify the effect you have on people and their response. Your confidence will grow by leaps and bounds.

Take These Steps

Coming face to face with your performance anxiety WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE—I GUARANTEE IT! But you have to be willing to face the performance anxiety demon and to know what steps to take:

– Practice

– Confidence

– Time

There are some terrific teachers out there and one of them is named Laurie Burton. I would love to help you. Remember – LIFE IS A PERFORMANCE


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