Media Training for Entrepreneurs

At the core of every entrepreneur lies a brave heart who passionately believes in his or her business. Media interviews are a gold mine for social media marketing but few of us are born knowing what to do in front of a microphone. What happens after you land that first spot on your local station? Learn how to get project your energy, deal with stage fright and connect with the audience to maximize this valuable business exposure. Find out how to lead the interview rather than being lead. And, if you’ve gotten national exposure, polish your media skills and raise your game to the next level.

Radio, surprisingly enough, can be tougher than TV—the only vehicle to express all your passion, excitement and warmth is your voice. Your words need to hook the audience and make them want to find out more about you. On TV, your message can be supported with your face and body, but if you’re stressed or having a difficult interview, the audience will read it right away. There’s no hiding behind your voice on TV!

Laurie Burton Training will help you rock that interview. We offer two ways to help you quickly improve or master your on-camera/on-air skills and deliver your message with confidence and charisma.

You’re LIVE!

This 90-minute skype session will help you tap into your natural strengths and gain the confidence to express your passion through your voice and body. Laurie will help you assess what’s working for—and against—you. Is your excitement coming across? Are you believable? Learn to deal with stage fright and make solid contact with your audience.

Includes review of up to 10 minutes of any prior media you have.
Investment: $375.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Book our one-on-one, daylong workshop when you want to develop the skills you’ll need to broadcast your message with confidence and charisma on radio or TV.

This media intensive goes to the core of how you express who you are. Laurie will show you how to harness the passion that you have for your business and express it with your voice and body. Learn to embody the meaning of the words you’re saying with your face, eyes and body to build connection and impact. Are your gestures and energy projecting the message you want to get across? We will teach you to put it all together and be ready to roll.

Held at our studio in Los Angeles. Includes on-camera video training and review of up to 20 minutes of any prior media.
Investment: $1575.