From 20th Century Fox:

“This process is incredible. It’s fun, challenging and it is having an invaluable positive impact on my work.”

“I’ve always heard it was important but until now I didn’t really know how to incorporate my personality into my presentation.”

“Finally! A training program that gets past the superficial, technical aspects and embraces the whole person!”

“I’ve participated in, literally, hundreds of hours of trainings and this is the first time the program was so dramatically better than advertised, so far-reaching. You over-delivered. You’re not charging enough!”

“We don’t like to think of business relationships as ‘intimate’ but the honest and open communication and the breaking down of interpersonal barriers between colleagues is creating new strength, support and cooperation within our department.”

“I came in a skeptic and left a communicator. It brought the “co-workers” closer together and will certainly improve internal communications. My progress from one stage to the next was evident in my final presentation. My confidence and enthusiasm increased significantly.”

“Exceptional presenters! Great teaching skills!”

“Your expertise is a fabulous, powerful, insightful gift. Your caring, sensitive, intuitive abilities really reach inside you and pull you to your next level.”

From Mattel Toys:

“I am extremely happy with this process. You never stop being 110% there for my people. Amazing!”

“I am so glad this is on-going. I’m so tired of training “events’ and so grateful for this process.”

“We are in a very competitive department and underlying hostility within my group was threatening to undermine all our success—that’s all in the past. We’re now experiencing more interconnectedness and team spirit than I believed was possible.”

“Videotape, peer feedback (giving and receiving), role-playing, team-building…I’ve had it all. Nothing compares to the Laurie Burton Training experience.”

“I have a new sense of how I come across to my customers. I was good before, but now…wow!”

“It’s not just about the product—it’s about the relationship we have with our customers. I’m having the best year of my career!”

“I’m more confident and relaxed, especially under pressure! I’m not afraid to risk being myself anymore. And, I’m more attuned to my customers now.”

From Medtronics MiniMed:

“Fantastic—this work really helps me see myself as others do. It was fun, interactive and kept me awake the whole time. Our money was well-spent!”

“Good pace and approach, started easy and then pushed the envelope. Moved our entire group from nervousness to confidence. The “vitality” speech was an amazing experience from the standpoint of doing the speech and also from watching others.”

“You did a great job of getting everyone involved with lots of practice. I enjoyed being able to give presentations in a number of different settings. We’ve always tried to do it in all our previous trainings but this was the first time it really worked!”

“I love your capacity to draw us out. I love the ‘space’ you create that allows for risk. I really appreciate your ability to demonstrate what you are asking of us. You are so very polished, skillful, but most of all, what comes through repreatedly is a genuine desire to make this a good experience for us.”

“As a seasoned professional in the field of Training and Development, I was inspired by your remarkable ability to use your intuitive eye to reveal to people their assets as speakers and as leaders.”