Number One Way to Improve Your Public Speaking


If you’re passionate about improving your public speaking skills, it’s probably because you realize that the number one way to improve your level of success is directly related to how you relate to an audience.

I know it’s harsh, but anyone with a brain, a mouth, and a voice can talk.

Have you ever sat in an audience and felt that you were being talked ‘at’? If you’re like most of us, you would rather be talked ‘to’. Even better, you prefer to be ‘included’ in the conversation.

No one enjoys being ‘talked down to’. We most enjoy a conversation that occurs on our level. In fact, you probably tune out anyone who communicates over your head or beneath you – am I right?

Are you having a conversation with your audience?

As a public speaker, the number one way to improve your speaking skills and realize more success in your career is to be conversational in your delivery.

Unless your audience is specifically looking for a lecture, they are likely looking to you for:

  • Information
  • Encouragement
  • Inspiration
  • Enlightenment

But most of all, what they want is to be able to enjoy your message!

You may not realize it, but audiences want to see the speaker’s passion.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: We take our senses, and our ability to communicate for granted.

Are you truly aware of the potential strength and power available to you through the art of speaking words that are ignited by your particular passion?

Your passion, and your ability to express it, is what draws others into conversation with you. Even if someone doesn’t agree with you on topic, they will be able to feel your passion for your message. And it’s your passion that makes your message interesting and alive to those listening.

Let’s face it, even if an audience agrees with your message, you’ll lose them – and FAST – if there is no passion behind your words.

Passion, of course, is an emotion. Your audience wants to have an experience – that’s why they’ve come to hear you speak. To have an experience requires them to become involved emotionally.

What do you want your audience to experience?

People will respond to your passion. Your passion is the number one way to connect with your audience and allow them to experience your message.

To improve your public speaking, be sure to communicate the following to your audience:

  • Why you’re passionate about _________
  • When you discovered your passion for _________
  • What continues to keep you passionate about _________
  • How you benefit from your passion for _________ and use it to your advantage

Incorporate these elements when speaking to improve your conversational tone and increase engagement with your audience.

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