Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety Made Easy

Public Speaker Anxiety

If you experience anxiety right before speaking in public or giving a presentation, you’re probably amazed by those who seem to thrive on being in front of an audience.

What makes it so easy for some people to ‘turn it on’ at the drop of a hat, whenever needed, while others, just like you, feel as though an earthquake is going off inside?

Overcoming public speaking anxiety, the fear of performing (or whatever you may call it) is something that many struggle with…but the good news is that it takes only a little work – and is completely possible to do!

Easy Steps to Overcoming Your Fear

  1. Don’t try to hide. It doesn’t work and just makes everyone uncomfortable. Instead, face your fear and warmly invite your audience to relax and enjoy your message by being your authentic self. Practice until you’re ‘comfortable in your own skin’ and your audience will be able to be comfortable as well.
  2. Share yourself. For many, speaking in front of an audience feels about the same as standing in front of a group of your peers, naked. However, when you’re aware of who you are, all of your faults as well as all of the beautiful and one-of-a-kind treasures that make you uniquely YOU, it becomes easier to positively influence others. It can take time to develop this art, but the results can be surprisingly immediate – not to mention rewarding.
  3. Find your passion. No matter your level of confidence, it is always enhanced by your level of passion. As a public speaker, displaying your passion makes it easier to convince your audience to share in that passion. Even those who may test your confidence will be more easily engaged, even persuaded, by your passion.
  4. Know what you’ve got and use it. If you don’t know YOU – who does? Size up your best attributes and use those to your advantage when speaking and presenting. Ask yourself what makes you so special. The answer will go a long way toward overcoming any negative thinking, which directly impacts your level of public speaking anxiety.
  5. Accept your vulnerability. The easiest way to do this is to practice an “imaginary monolog”: Talk to someone (preferably someone you know well) – imagine them in the room with you and tell them how much you love them, or how they hurt you, or how you cannot wait to see them again. You can talk about any subject that will tap into and help you express your vulnerability. When you are vulnerable, you’re actually more believable. And your audience wants to believe what you are saying. Give them opportunity.

Overcoming any fear takes work. If you’re willing to put in a little effort, I’m willing to help you STOP the Anxiety of Public Speaking and get MORE success from your public speaking gigs. CONTACT ME and let’s talk about presenting you in a whole new light!

One thought on “Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety Made Easy

  1. My wife hates speaking in public, and will usually decline when asked to give a presentation at her work. I think it’s a great idea not to hide and face your fear. She is really good at speaking, she just needs to face it head on.

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