The road to becoming yourself

We admire people who are confident in any situation. When you speak to a group or just to one person, are you able to express what you want to say or is fear and insecurity written all over your face? Laurie Burton Training looks at the tools we use to express ourselves and demonstrates how mastering these tools builds greater confidence and changes how we are perceived.

Confidence, enthusiasm and animation are the visible evidence of a person’s energy and the direct result of connecting passion with emotions. A self-confident speaker unites his or her body, face and voice in a combined expression of passion, energy, emotion and animation. These four qualities project your life force into the world—and make you a force to be reckoned with.

Laurie Burton Training excels at unveiling the most creative, expressive “you.” Learn to peel away the layers in a supportive and energized group setting or in exclusive, private coaching sessions. Contact us to find out more.