Presenting and Communicating: Steve Harrison’s National Publicity Summit

Laurie Burton Pitching to the media

I just returned from the National Publicity Summit where I “pitched” story ideas to as many as 120 television producers, radio hosts, producers, and journalists. This group represented (to name a few):


The “pitch” is your story idea that you would like the person to whom you are pitching to use on their show. My pitches were “Personality Workout,” “Get That Job” and “Stop Performance Anxiety.”

Each pitch would last from 30-40 seconds, which leaves another two minutes for the interviewer to ask questions and get your answers.

When I first heard the length of the pitch, I thought it was too short, as it turned out it was plenty of time. Just imagine going on a job interview with 25 different people interviewing you all in one day! Then, you’re going to do it again for the next three days!

I talked to, “pitched,” more than 80 media professionals in three days – and that’s a lot of people. It was like speed dating for a TV or radio segment, or a print or online publication.

In the months preceding the summit I got extensive training with a marketing coach, writing coach and had a weekly phone interview where we could practice our pitches with different people on Steve Harrison’s team, and some with Steve as well.

The first day of the summit is a rehearsal day. We practiced our pitches for a number of people on the support team. I had memorized my three pitches (and felt pretty good about them) but as I walked up to my first practice person, I promptly forgot my lines. How embarrassing for me the “actor.” Gratefully, I was able to practice with many people and felt confident by the end of the day.

Day One of Pitching to the Media

When I started out, I was pretty much staying with the script I had memorized, but quickly realized I “knew what I knew,” and could adjust in the moment.

Days Two and Three

Days two and three were so much easier for everyone! I had some great feedback from the “Meredith Vieira Show,” “The Rachel Ray Show,” and many others. I’ll let you know when something comes together with all of these great contacts.

I’ve already had a conversation about possible work on a new ABC Family reality show. Right now, though, we have to send out follow-up info that the contacts have requested and begin building relationships with each one of them.

The Summit was an incredible experience, and I highly recommend it. I am positive that I will reap some powerful rewards from having taken part in it.

I’ll also be sharing some new creative ideas that are evolving for me, as a result of the Summit, that I think will interest you.

Want to get better at “pitching” your message to your market? CONTACT ME – let’s get you speaking and presenting with more confidence, clarity and charisma – for MORE SUCCESS!

Need a speaker for your event or show? I’ve been doing this a LONG TIME and I’m ready to address your audience!


2 thoughts on “Presenting and Communicating: Steve Harrison’s National Publicity Summit

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  2. Hi Laurie,

    I just read this review and wonder if you have actually seen any hard results from attending last year’s Nat’l Publicity Summit. I’m considering going to this year’s but need to be confident that I can make it pay off.

    Any feedback you can provide will be appreciated.


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