Public Speaker Secret: Position Your Audience

Gear Shift Neutral Position

Public speakers, comfortable in their bodies, have a lovely way of inviting an audience “into” their message.

You’ve probably noticed the relaxed way that a seasoned keynote moves across a stage or around the room, freely expressing and gesturing as they go.

“What’s Their Secret?”

Aside from years of practice and experience, the way to get to a place of comfortable charisma is by finding – and using – what I call your ‘Neutral Position’.

A Neutral Position is geared toward:

  • Being open
  • Being receptive
  • Being ready

All of your presentations should originate from a Neutral Position and return to it.

When your body is in this comfortable neutral ‘gear’, it’s much easier to transition to any of your other emotional gears, bringing color and energy to your message.

Picture in your mind a car, in 3rd gear, with the driver’s foot firmly planted on the brake pedal. Many public speakers feel this way as they take the stage. But those with experience know that, unless they put it in neutral before taking their foot off the gas, they’ll only be ‘burning rubber’ – making a lot of noise – and getting nowhere fast.

The Goal is to Take Your Audience Along for the Ride

There’s no real secret to finding a comfortable position with your audience. It’s really about YOU taking control of YOU so that others will be comfortable in your presence and with your message.

Think about that car again…

  • You’re in the driver’s seat
  • The vehicle is your message
  • You’re inviting the audience to be your passengers
  • You’re asking them to come along for the ride
  • You must show them that you’re in control so that they can feel comfortable enough to go with you

This is how to position your audience and help them to willingly enter in and experience the journey that is your message.

The REAL secret to success when speaking is to remain comfortable in front of your audience. This allows your audience to feel safe, enabling them to really enjoy the ride with you – leaving them looking forward to the next time!

If you’re feeling ‘neutral’ about your success, possibly about to give up on your speaking career, I’d like to hear from you. Let me help you discover what’s REALLY keeping you from the success you desire and deserve?

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