Great public speakers are confident, comfortable and convincing

Many people are terrified of speaking in public—in fact, most of us would rather be the subject of a eulogy than the one who delivers it! When you’re addressing the board, rallying your team or talking one-on-one with colleagues, all professional communication can be considered public speaking—and knowing how to do it skillfully and confidently is critical to success.

Attention Causes Tension

All eyes are on you: Do you choke or do you deliver? Stage fright paralyzes many of us—even actors. The difference is that actors know how transform tension into positive energy that supports their performance. You too can learn how to turn tension into your ally with proven strategies to combat fear of public speaking. Whether your audience is made up of coworkers, customers or prospective clients, Laurie Burton Training will teach you how to take center stage and own it with authority, charisma and confidence.

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