The Art of the Sale

Many business situations require us to perform at a high level. Sales, marketing and customer service people must be “on” much of the time and need effective presentation skills to make the sale.

An actor’s job is to grab the audience emotionally. How do they do that? By extending their energy out to cross an imaginary line that separates them from their audience. Actors cause their audience to feel something—to have an experience. Sales and marketing people also need to connect with their audience. They must present with passion, enthusiasm and energy in order to inspire their clients and get them excited about the product.

Actors have the tools to express any color or emotion on a moment’s notice. Learning these skills brings confidence, authority and the power to persuade. Let Laurie Burton Training teach you how to take center stage in any situation and deliver your message with genuine energy and passion.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Get started with a personal coaching session or inquire about our group works