Spring Has Sprung: Communicating Through a New Sense of Life

Butterflies on flowers

I woke up last Monday morning to a backyard that was going through a transformation. What had been a quiet, drab and windy weekend outside was transformed into a new version of somewhere over the rainbow. The sun was out, a pair of Mallard ducks were floating in the pool, the bees were all over my Grevillea Long John tree and a hummingbird, two crows and two sparrows were building nests all over the yard. 

I couldn’t believe it! Spring had definitely arrived and it was mesmerizing, filling me energy and the need to create and get going again with my plans for the future.

The message was clear:  I needed to reinforce and expand my nest as well. A nest of achievements that still needed to be considered. Plans undone, work not finished. I needed to stop procrastinating, to bring my creative plans and ideas to fruition. I had given birth to these ideas. I wanted to guide them to fulfillment. The birds were producing a nest and their every move had meaning and intention. They were also being driven by something bigger than themselves. This was Mother Nature at her very best – from the small piece of fuzz that the hummingbird mother inserted in her two-inch nest to the two-foot long stick that the crow had to maneuver through the branches of the eucalyptus tree.   Life had definitely taken on a “forward” energy. Winter had taken a back seat and Spring was making an early entrance. I felt such a spark of happiness and joy, plus and real need to buckle down and finish some important work. This Nature energy or natural enthusiasm that is part of my makeup got me back to cleaning up and planting new vegetables. 

You never know where inspiration is going to come from or in what form. In the past when I was down or having trouble writing or speaking I would take to the mountains for a hike. It was a kind of blowout in nature. It was a way to hike off the frustration and get the creative impulses and juices flowing. It’s also the way to listen to what nature is saying to me. Nature has so much to say to each one of us. If you don’t believe me, just ask nature a question and quietly wait for an answer. 

It will come. Just trust.

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