Successful Communicators Cross the Imaginary Line

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I’ve mentioned crossing the imaginary line in at least one of my previous blog posts. I think it deserves a more detailed discussion because it plays such a key role in successful communications.

The Imaginary Line

An imaginary line exits between you and any other person, group of people, or audience. You must project yourself and your message across this Imaginary Line. And by project, I don’t mean convey or present, but rather throw or send over. Think of casting out a line to catch a fish. You really must cast your words, your energy, your emotions and your message out into the “sea” of people in order to “catch” their attention.

Think for a minute how many times you have heard a speech or had a conversation with someone who spoke from “behind the imaginary line.” Watch for this kind of “communicator” – they’re everywhere.  Ask yourself, “Is this person reaching me, affecting me, intriguing me, inspiring me?”  No?  Then they are not crossing the imaginary line; they are staying safely behind it, not extending themselves and their energy.

Crossing the Imaginary Line

Crossing the imaginary line requires some dedication on your part – but I promise it will lead to success. Your energy level is the key here, the leader when it comes to crossing the line. Your face, words and body must reflect the energy you intend for a particular moment. It requires you to have a deep knowledge of self and how you can manipulate (and I mean this in the most positive way) your energetic level through all the emotional colors you express.

The best way to begin the practice of crossing the imaginary line is to check in frequently with your energy level. One technique you might try: choose a color that describes your energy level right now.

My color, right now as I write this post, feels like a medium blue. When I’m finished, I’ll go and cook dinner for my family and I would guess my color would become more of a yellow-orange. With practice, this can become a shorthand way to acknowledge where you are at any given moment; decide if it’s serving you or if you should call up a better color/energy from your inner repertoire.

For additional feedback about your energy level, ask your friends and family to describe the color of your energy in the moment. It’s so important to know how others perceive you. You may be very surprised!

Don’t be just one color.  Don’t be just one note.  Don’t be boring, monotonous or disengaged. Reach out to others with your passion, energy and animation and cause them to feel something, to have an experience.

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