Public Speaker Secret: Position Your Audience

Gear Shift Neutral Position

Public speakers, comfortable in their bodies, have a lovely way of inviting an audience “into” their message. You’ve probably noticed the relaxed way that a seasoned keynote moves across a stage or around the room, freely expressing and gesturing as they go. “What’s Their Secret?” Aside from years of practice and experience, the way to […]

Humans are Underrated: What Drives Your Deepest Nature

Humans Are Underrated, Replaced by Robots

The cover story of August’s Fortune Magazine is an article by long-time Fortune contributor, Geoff Colvin, entitled Humans Are Underrated. It’s also the title of his new book. Fortune Editor, Alan Murray, spotlighted the article in his Editor’s Desk piece saying, “…as we perfect machinery, that strategy [to get people to be more machine-like] is making […]

The Greatest Communicator: Life

I write this blog to thank those who have been a part of the Laurie Burton Training experience. I love what I do! Helping people to be the best communicators possible is the greatest privilege I can imagine. It’s so exciting every time someone realizes their true potential and is able to embrace their individuality. And […]

Better Public Speaking: Combining Skills with Facets of Your Personality

As I have mentioned previously in my blog, my background is in acting. So many times in my life I have used skills I learned as an actor to strengthen and intensify my message as a speaker, coach and trainer. Better public speaking happens when you begin combining the skills you possess with facets of […]


I recently received an email from a very close friend after sharing dinner together the night before. She said, “Laurie, after seeing you and even through today one word kept popping up whenever I thought of you: AUTHENTIC! Yes, that’s what you are and I wonder if you know how rare that is?” I offer […]

Why Doing What You Love Is All About Choices, Not About the Work

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am to be doing what I love when it comes to something we all call work. It really hit me yesterday, as I was watching the checker at my local grocery store. I’ve been watching this young lady do her work for several years now […]

The Art of Speaking With Power and Presence

Are you reading this article because you want to learn more about being powerful and having an impressive presence when you speak or present? Or are you reading it because of the “speaking” word, an action that you avoid at all cost? Let me tell you, I have lived both sides of that coin and […]

Embrace an Emotional Point of View for Better Public Speaking

“As none can see the wind but in its effects on the trees, neither can we see the emotions but in their effects on the face and body.”~ Nathaniel LeTonnerre. Isn’t this a wonderful thought, put to words so eloquently? The quote speaks to the very heart of our work at Laurie Burton Training. Helping […]

Come On Out and Express Your Vulnerability

I just finished watching Brene Brown give a TED talk about the “Power of Vulnerability”. Obviously, I was not the only one to watch this amazing speech (since over 2 million people have seen it) and after listening to her express herself so well, I’m not at all surprised. During her talk, Brene asks those […]

Finding Your Passion: Guide to Career Change

I just finished talking with a client that I have known for some time. She is a person with a passion, a documentary filmmaker for over 15 years, whom I’ve enjoyed helping to guide through various challenges along the way. Incredibly, straight out of college, she got a great job with a hot new cable […]