Better Public Speaking: Combining Skills with Facets of Your Personality

As I have mentioned previously in my blog, my background is in acting. So many times in my life I have used skills I learned as an actor to strengthen and intensify my message as a speaker, coach and trainer. Better public speaking happens when you begin combining the skills you possess with facets of […]


I recently received an email from a very close friend after sharing dinner together the night before. She said, “Laurie, after seeing you and even through today one word kept popping up whenever I thought of you: AUTHENTIC! Yes, that’s what you are and I wonder if you know how rare that is?” I offer […]

How to Realize Your Greatness with Expert Insight

Viki Winterton, founder of Expert Insights Family of Opportunity, has invited me to join her September 9th on Expert Insights – her excellent BlogTalkRadio Show. Viki brings together top visionaries and those on the rise as they share their wisdom, success secrets and the defining moments that have shaped their lives and encourages listeners to […]

Why Doing What You Love Is All About Choices, Not About the Work

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am to be doing what I love when it comes to something we all call work. It really hit me yesterday, as I was watching the checker at my local grocery store. I’ve been watching this young lady do her work for several years now […]

Come On Out and Express Your Vulnerability

I just finished watching Brene Brown give a TED talk about the “Power of Vulnerability”. Obviously, I was not the only one to watch this amazing speech (since over 2 million people have seen it) and after listening to her express herself so well, I’m not at all surprised. During her talk, Brene asks those […]


No, seriously. Did I get your back up? I must admit I wanted to get your attention.  Hopefully, I have piqued your curiosity. What distinguishes you from other people? What about you is unique? How would you describe your personality? OK, no more questions. I think by now you may have a feeling for the […]

Finding Your Passion: Guide to Career Change

I just finished talking with a client that I have known for some time. She is a person with a passion, a documentary filmmaker for over 15 years, whom I’ve enjoyed helping to guide through various challenges along the way. Incredibly, straight out of college, she got a great job with a hot new cable […]

The Hard Reality of Soft Skills

Laurie Burton training

Soft Skills are the unsung heroes of the corporate world. Corporations have had their own aha moment regarding these skills. Occupational requirements are one thing but in a number of professions, the hard reality is that soft skills (people skills) may be more important than, or just as important as, occupational skills. Consider the legal […]

How a Colorful Approach Improves Public Speaking

How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh, I don’t speak in front of people, because it’s too much pressure.” Or how about, “I get sick just thinking about it.” For many, the approach to public speaking is far from positive. But I have found that a colorful approach can be just the ticket […]

How Body Image Affects Making a Speech, Presentations

Question: What is more nerve wracking, exposing, vulnerable, or jeopardizing than making a speech or presentation in front of people? Answer: Making a speech or presentation in front of people and not having a positive feeling about how you look. Very few things in life can cause a person to feel as immediately uncomfortable as […]