The Soft Yet Powerful Side of You

Soft Vulnerable Powerful Cat

Let me preface this blog post with a recent powerful experience I had at my doctor’s office.

I’ve been going to this same doctor for over ten years. I’ve known her office assistant for the same amount of time, and I always spend a little time talking with her before I leave just to see how she’s doing.

The office assistant is a fairly serious woman, and I don’t think she loves her job (like many people), but it pays the bills. She started to talk to me but seemed pretty withdrawn. I thought to myself, I’m going to get her to smile and be happy before I leave…

I knew that she has two daughters, and I thought if I ask her about them it just might press her happy button, and sure enough, the change was instant. Her eyes lit up like she’d just won a million dollars!

She went on about her daughters – giving me all the latest about what they were doing. She eventually laughed about how crazy it was having daughters in their early twenties…and I was smiling to myself as I closed her office door behind me.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your True Colors

I come across all kinds of attitudes in business. It’s always been a part of my mission to try and break down those walls and barriers that people use for protection. (They think it keeps them safe; it really keeps them separate and aloof).

I use vulnerability and love in a form of self-deprecating humor; it loosens people up, relaxes them right away, and they don’t feel threatened. I also possess a wry sense of humor, which I use quite often.

I talk so much about vulnerability because it has become a fundamental quality to build upon. I notice that people aren’t as afraid of the word anymore.

Letting the softer side of you show, allowing yourself to become vulnerable, opens the door to expressing your emotions in very powerful ways.

Vulnerability makes room for more fulfilling relationships.

When you are vulnerable, you’re free to let any walls come tumbling down. When walls finally come down, just think of all the new areas that open up to you for exploration.

Remember: Walls that keep others out also keep you in.

For example, let’s imagine that before deciding to bring down a certain wall in your life, you owned a coloring box with eight crayons in the box. And the eight colors in the box represented your entire range of expression, the colors you were comfortable communicating.

But now, with the wall down, you’re suddenly aware of your vulnerability.

You can be ‘seen’ and hiding is harder. Your emotion filled crayon box is probably more likely the one with sixty-four colors (you know, the big box with the sharpener on the back that all the rich or lucky kids had).

Just imagine how creative, imaginative, and inspiring your life can be when all the colors are exposed and at the ready for use!

I hope you will begin to embrace your vulnerability and buy into the power of that new crayon box. (No need to spend money; those colors are in you already).

When you relate who you are more dynamically, more colorfully, you draw people in, and they are far more likely to respond in kind. It can be contagious – something no one will mind ‘catching’.

Becoming vulnerable and colorful takes work – but the rewards are many.

Perhaps the greatest reward of all for knocking down your personal walls will be that others will begin to see YOU in a whole new light; a brighter light that’s made up of a wider and deeper spectrum of colors. And, when you start to actively feel (and express) your personal colors, you’ll feel a variety of different responses from people. You’ll be open to perceiving what’s going on with them, confident enough in your observations to make comments or even ask them about their families, as I did in my introduction.

We all know you’re IN there. Come on OUT. Invest in YOU! Schedule a one-on-one transformational coaching session with me TODAY – and let the walls come tumbling down as you feel the powerful side of YOU!

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