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For over 30 years, corporate leaders, actors, sales teams, and professionals in all areas of the marketplace have relied on Laurie Burton Training (LBT) to assist them with reaching their goals of speaking more powerfully, selling with finesse, and leading with inspiration.

The programs offered through LBT emphasize learning to play the “human instrument” using individual passion, emotions, senses, word and actions. The entire body is seen as an indispensable tool for effective and successful communicating that produces desired results.

What sets Laurie Burton Training apart from other speaker training is this: Our intensive training goes beyond teaching competitive communications skills. LBT shows people how to stretch their limits, acknowledge their fears, and move beyond their current comfort zone to discover and effectively use the untapped ‘fire’ within, making it work for you every time you speak, present, and communicate!

Laurie Burton Training teaches that a successful performance is dependent upon the most important skill one can possess in corporate and business life – the ability to truly connect with an audience, no matter the size!

Life-changing instruction is offered clients in Public Speaking, Media Training, Sales Presentation, Leadership Skills, Personal Development, Business Communication… and more.

In each intensive training seminar Laurie’s sometimes outrageous, always passionate and perceptive, approach to her work creates breakthrough experiences for participants. Her techniques are proven applicable in every area of life. It is what sets Laurie Burton Training apart from other public speaking, presenting, leadership training and personal development programs.


“Laurie Burton should be cloned! She is the most intuitive, perceptive and expressive teacher ever. When combined with her incredible energy and her sheer love of the ‘art of communication,’ she is redefining corporate culture. -Keith Hipley, Director, Boys Toys, Mattel Toys, Inc.

“20th Century Fox views Laurie Burton Training as a strategic partner, crucial to our success. We have enjoyed better communications, improved clarity and increased results across the board.” -Pat Wyatt, President, 20th Century Fox, Licensing & Management

“Believing what you say and being believable are critical elements of effective selling. Your approach hits this important target dead center. Special thanks for your effectiveness in conducting the IBM seminar. We have had all kinds of requests for follow-on sessions. What has impressed me the most is your ability to help marketing people see their personal communication strengths and see ways to build on those strengths. Somehow, you seem able to help people get out of their shells. Yet, you have a touch which avoids rebellion or resentment of your very direct approach.” -Skip Hoyt, IBM