What Might Happen If You Communicated With More Vitality?

It is the very nature of my business to look at the way people present themselves and at the heart of the training we look at how each person expresses their innate vitality.

This is a powerful word… please take note. As an example, I’ve included some synonyms of “vitality” below. Do any of these words apply to you? Can you relate to these words? Do you know where they live in you?

VITALITY noun “The bright weather has revived my vitality.” Synonyms: liveliness, life, energy, spirit, vivacity, exuberance, buoyancy, bounce, elan, verve, vim, vigor, pep, brio, zest, sparkle, dynamism, passion, fire…

As a member of several associations and networking groups, I can’t help but notice that many people are not living lives filled with vitality. They don’t sparkle and passion and fire do not emanate from their personalities. These are all business professionals but either life or their way of being is definitely working against them.

Life today has a way of taking the air out of our balloons.  What can people do to regain their excitement about life? Perhaps we need to look at the way we’ve expressed ourselves through our lives. Have you been a cup half- empty or a cup half- full?

I just finished watching a new HBO documentary, entitled “If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast”.

It’s about some pretty famous people, and some regular folks as well, all over the age of ninety, some as old as 102.  What they have in common is that are all still working, or taking part in activities that they love doing. They were so ALIVE. All of them exhibiting energy, spirit, fire, and get up and go. They were amazing and so inspiring. When asked why they think they have lived so long, all of them said it was because they loved their work. One woman had lived with depression for years until her daughter took her to exercise and run. She came alive through the exercise. She is 100 years old and still competing in senior track events.

I was left thinking:

*How can I pass along the insight and example these remarkable elders left with me?

*How can I convince people to examine the level of their vitality, to be brave enough to come face to face with their lack of it?

*And most important of all, how valuable it is to have life filled with vitality? To know deep inside that you are something! To be someone who takes pride in who you are and how you come across.

This knowing takes a willingness to take a real look at yourself. It’s an exploration of all the facets that make up your personality. You may be stuck in a comfortable/safe way of being right now, but I’m asking you to STOP settling for things as they are – what more can you be/do/have?

Think of someone that you deeply admire. What is it about them? Do you sometimes wish you could be as lively as this person? Try getting a sense of this person, how to they talk, walk, and gesture. Let it take place in your body or, if it’s easier, just imitate them and try it on for size.

I promise if you decide to vitalize your life it will affect everything you do, in business and life. I would love to talk to you about how you can summon and express your vitality to its fullest to achieve your goals.

Are you ready to evolve? What is the next version of you?


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