What You Didn’t Know About Connecting With Your Passion

How does knowing what you’re passionate about lead to a more successful career, and in turn, a more successful life? Passion is the most compelling part of our emotional makeup and in many ways, defines who we are and how we communicate who we are.

People respond to passionate expression.  Passion is one of the most powerful ways to express our life force and has the capacity to profoundly influence and affect others as well as shape our own destiny.  When we are intimately in touch with and skilled at expressing our passion, people perceive us as more colorful and alive.  It’s as if we have discovered our own personal, internal paint box and know how to paint with any vibrant color we want, any time. 

The Problem

Passion is an essential element of our life force and is intrinsic to our human nature.  Unfortunately, most of us are going too fast and are too stressed out with work and family and life in general to take stock of what makes up our passionate nature. We take our life force for granted, barely aware of its potential strength and power. 

If your foundation isn’t strong and filled with a variety of passions – or just a few that run very deep – then your communications may lack strength and variety. 

The Solution  

  • You simply need to start noticing, welcoming and examining every aspect of your daily life that makes you feel something, that causes an emotional response.   
  • In incorporating these passions into your daily life, you will start to build a solid foundation from which to communicate all kinds of emotional life.  People will respond to that – and to you!

Try This Exercise

Let’s try a little exercise.  Can you write down 10 things you are passionate about in 10 minutes?  Did you make it to 10? Was it difficult? Most people get to about 5 things and they get stuck. I don’t think that’s because they don’t have the answers, rather, they don’t take the time to truly absorb and appreciate the things in life that really move them. One roadblock is that they may not even recognize the innate value of their life experience and its connection to passion. 

What are the results of being in touch with your passion?

  • You are connected to all your senses,
  • You feel self-confident,
  • You quit doubting yourself,
  • You naturally release your true feelings, emotions and expressions.   

This connection with passion is the first step toward meaningful expression and successful communication Information about the world comes to us through our senses.  Since it is these same five senses that stimulate our responses to life, we need to expand our knowledge of them and how they affect us and give rise to our emotions.

If you are looking for big changes in your life and career, you must take the first step and discover your passion.

The NEXT step is finding that connection, and that’s what we do here at Laurie Burton Training. Contact us today to begin your journey!

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