Why Doing What You Love Is All About Choices, Not About the Work

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am to be doing what I love when it comes to something we all call work. It really hit me yesterday, as I was watching the checker at my local grocery store.

I’ve been watching this young lady do her work for several years now – from the time she started at the store, looking fresh and perky… to lately, when it seems that all of the youthful enthusiasm has slowly drained out of her.

Then I compared her to the young man doing the bagging of the groceries. He was brand new, I’d never seen him before, and so enthusiastic! He asked me: “Did I find everything I needed?” “How was my day going?” He was absolutely filled with the excitement of a new job!

Then there’s Dave…

If Dave is working as a cashier, I make sure that I’m in his line – even if the line is long! Why? Well, I know it might seem odd, but I would spend extra time in line at the store just so Dave could check me out. (And I don’t mean “check me out,” I mean check my groceries out) and this is why: Dave loves what he is doing. He is:

  • warm
  • smiling
  • welcoming
  • interested
  • always speaks and has something to say

It’s not because he just started this job, he’s been there a long time. So, what makes Dave so different? Why does he seem to enjoy – truly enjoy – doing something that is merely his work?

You might be thinking it has to do with his personality and you might be correct. But the young woman I described earlier had that bright-eyed enthusiasm when she first started, too. Her personality fit this work very nicely. Now, she is far less enthusiastic, less in love with what she is doing, and shows what appears to be life’s wear and tear on her face and in the way she carries herself.

Luck has little to do with doing what we love

My intention is not to give a lecture on how hard life can be (and it can) but I’m thinking that the choices you and I make play a huge role in how we do what we do, how we approach life and our work. Every choice affects these. Life is literally made up of thousands of small and major choices, every single day. You get to choose:

  • how you’re going to act at any given moment
  • one job over another
  • whether to turn left instead of right
  • to have children
  • to get married
  • to get divorced

Daily, we’re offered choices and daily, we make them. So, my point is simply this…the young woman, looking down and unsmiling, has the choice to remain down or change her attitude and become upbeat. She can choose to smile and reach out to her customers, right? I mean, she’s already made a job choice, so why not make the most of it? Why not let her work be where she truly shines and gets noticed for all the right reasons?

You can love what you do!

It is up to you to find what you love to do. It is up to you to overcome being miserable. No one can make good choices for you – the responsibility is yours alone. If you see your choice of work as just a job, what you do will leave you feeling less than good about yourself, unable to smile and enjoy what is before you to do. It will color how you see others, too. So, please, do everyone a favor. Choose to do something you really love so that you can really love what you do!

Do you do what you love? Tell me, why did you choose the work you do and how has it affected your life?

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