Raise Your Keynote Speech to the Top of the Class

A keynote is an exceptional speech requiring the speaker to set the tone for the entire event and inspire the audience. Whether you are preparing to deliver your first keynote or wanting to refine and perfect your practiced speaking style, Laurie Burton Training’s Keynote Clinic provides you far greater comfort and confidence. Learn how to communicate your message clearly while creating genuine excitement and drama.

Part of your task as a Keynoter for any event is to inspire, motivate, and encourage attendees to glean all they can from the experience. You will learn how to:

  • Tap into your own innate energy
  • Raise your game to the next level
  • Give the speech they will talk about for the rest of the event…and beyond!

Rock That Interview

One thing you do not want to be in an interview… is dismissed. Many have heard something very similar to the “don’t call us, we’ll call you” dismissal, far too many times. To not be dismissed requires the ability to gather every bit of nerve right from the start. It takes a confident entrance, the resolve to remain focused but relaxed, and an ability to ask an important follow up question before making your memorable exit.

An interview is always a two-way street and how to get the job your due will always depend on what happens in between your entrance and your exit.

  • Be confident in the knowledge that because you have so much to offer, they are lucky you came for the interview.
  • Be ready with a question or comment about the company—and try to be the last one to speak.
  • Be anything but ordinary – be extraordinary in how you present yourself.

Other Topics Addressed by Laurie

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  • It’s Show Time: Speak, Present and Communicate Like a Rock Star
  • Taking the Stage and Owning the Message
  • The Personality Workout: Fit for Laughs!


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