You are the Experience – Continuing the Conversation

I just completed a workshop for new entrepreneurs – people who have started their own business or have an idea and want to get it out there.

I was struck once again by all the research and investment in time and money that they are willing to spend on these plans and products. There was palpable dread in the room as I pointed out that the best product presented and communicated about in a less-than-professional manner will very likely fail.  

You must train your staff to be competent and even skilled.  The next layer of professionalism, and maybe what sets you apart from your competitors, enters the realm of theater.  People want an experience, they want to feel something.

  • What’s it like using the product?  
  • What’s the business environment like?
  • Is it welcoming, warm, exciting or stimulating, or is it confusing, generic, lackluster or flat?

These are important considerations.  Hopefully, your brand telegraphs the experience you want people to have when doing business with you.  It’s important that how you and your staff interact with customers or clients is in alignment with your vision and your brand.

However, the best branding, environment, product or service, etc., will fall short of providing the experience you intend if YOU aren’t the leading example, shining on the mountaintop for all to see.  

In short, you ARE the experience.

How you communicate, interact and engage with others becomes the critical element, the human icing-on-the-cake.  (Of course, the cake better be good!)

Your customers won’t consider doing business with anyone else if their experience with you is vital, genuine and dynamic.  Your employees won’t be easily tempted to leave your company if their experience is that you care about them and truly support their growth and development.

Are you struggling? Consider these two approaches:  

  • Take it a step at a time, set reasonable goals and savor each victory, no matter how small.  
  • Take a chance on yourself,  allow your self-image to inflate a bit, then step into it.  Challenge yourself to take a leap of faith and confidence, then rise to the occasion.

In either case, when the inevitable setbacks occur, take a breath, dust yourself off—and keep going.  If you need help, call or write.

Are you already successful and wondering what could be next for you and your professional life?  If there’s a question, it’s coming through to others.  Get ahead of the experience, discover how your vision is evolving, and GO!  People will follow.  

I’ve seen this situation happen over and over again.  Because the entrepreneurial spirit takes courage and pride, sometimes entrepreneurs resist seeking help. Please don’t let that be you- you deserve to have the tools you need to reach your goals!

If you express your vision, and convey your passion with vitality and authenticity, you will succeed.  If you desire to elevate your performance or even change your whole act, you may simply need a bit of support and guidance moving forward. Why wait?  Call or write, let’s discuss what’s next for you.

Remember: You ARE the experience!


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