You Are the Experience

What does it take to distinguish you and your business from the competition? Visionary leaders recognize that it’s no longer enough to provide a good product or service.  People crave, and have come to expect, an experience. They want to feel something and be a part of something greater than themselves.

You can train your staff to be competent and even skilled. You can offer a product that appeals to the masses. However, the best branding, product, or service, will fall short of providing the experience you intend if YOU aren’t in alignment with it. Products simply do not sell themselves.

The Missing Piece

Do you feel like you should be even more successful than you are? How you interact and engage with others could be the missing piece — that necessary element that your business has been lacking in order to reach it’s full potential. It’s not just a piece of the puzzle, it’s the piece that can inject your business with new purpose and new life.

It’s important to consider the environment where you conduct your business. Is it welcoming, warm, exciting or stimulating; or is it confusing, generic, lackluster or flat?  Your environment is a key factor in your branding, and should align with your mission. How you and your staff interact with your clients is a big part of creating the environment you desire to promote.

The Human Element

Our bodies contain countless nerves that transmit and inform. The chemicals these nerves emit stimulate other nerves to action, ultimately accomplishing the goal of feeling or seeing. In a similar fashion, success is founded on how we perform in our professional roles and is entirely dependent on how well we can elicit the desired response from others. Think of each and every person to person interaction as the place where the link can be either strengthened or broken. Even if your product works or the service you offer is helpful, it will all be for naught if the human element is left out.

What is the experience people have of working with you?  Remember, You ARE the Experience!

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