New Zealand: How the Land Communicates Without Words

In many of my blogs I have talked about how much of my work is dedicated to helping people express themselves using their passion, energy, and animation, and how to incorporate these skills when they speak or present. I love to talk about passions and how using them as a foundation for a speech or presentation can make or break the moment. Make the sale or not. Get the job or not.

Whether you realize it not, your passions make up the foundation of who you are and how you are perceived. My desire is to have people live by and through their passions.

Can you think of something you are passionate about that when you talk about it, it instantly starts to feed your energy, your spiritedness, and enthusiasm? It makes your presentation come alive!

My husband and I just returned from a 3-week vacation in New Zealand. New Zealand has been “calling” me for years now. I would look at pictures of the Milford Sound and it was as if it was calling me, inviting me to come and be a part of its magic. I mention Milford Sound, but it is only one of many soul touching places that we visited. The water in the rivers there is Aqua! I could not believe it — an aqua river moving past our campervan as we made dinner! Are you kidding?! Lake Punakaiki, a huge lake — AQUA!

And there was yet another lake full of icebergs that had calved off a glacier. We actually ate some ice off of one of them! That ice could have been thousands of years old!

New Zealand Communicates Without Words

New Zealand – this country on the other side of the world where is seems that Mother Nature is in charge – has filled me with the kind awe that I haven’t felt for a while. It rekindled the child in me and left the woman lost for words. It is a place that has retained its wildness. Its cliffs have faces that have names. I have never seen cliffs like these before. Their silence has much to say.

There are enormous beaches where the wind blows so hard it can knock you over and half the sand winds up in your mouth. Waterfalls everywhere play different symphonies. This land is blessed with so much rain. New Zealand wins the prize when is comes to variations of green. I’d never seen some of those greens. I recommend that they create a new green color called “New Zealand open-mouthed green”. From the mountains, rivers, cliffs and jungle (bush) you’re suddenly in a huge valley with green hills and lots of sheep.

In other words, New Zealand has taken over the number one spot on my list of passions. I’m passionate about it’s “long white clouds”. The Maori name Aotearoa means “Land of the Long White Cloud”.

This blog is in honor of New Zealand — the place where heaven meets mother earth and mother earth has a way to communicate without words.


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